Building Confidence as an Athlete

Athletes in the sports industry can be heavily in the public eye and face a lot of additional scrutinies that day-to-day people don’t experience. These factors can have a profound negative impact on the mental health of athletes, regardless of the level of sports they’re competing in. Building confidence and mental resilience is important to continue performing well in sports, and here we will go through some advice on how to do this.

Body Confidence

People who compete in sports events aren’t immune from being scrutinised for their appearance and the way their body looks. Whether it be one’s weight, height, or anything else, the constant scrutiny of an athlete’s body can knock down their confidence and cause poor mental health. Learning to accept your body can be one way of combatting those ill feelings towards it, but sometimes something feels like it must change.

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As obvious as it may sound, talking can go a long way towards improving your mental well-being and helping to deal with negative emotions. It can often be overlooked, but talking with friends who understand what you’re going through or even a counsellor can help improve your outlook and boost your confidence, which can have a positive impact on athletes who can focus more on their sports performance.

Whether it’s through changing the things you dislike about your body or talking to someone close about how you’re feeling, taking care of your mental health and building your self-confidence is important when you’re an athlete working in the sports field.