Getting fit for summer

Anyone who wants to try to get fit for summer has a variety of sports activities to choose from. Jogging, cycling, walking and swimming are always popular choices. It depends upon the level of fitness you have at the start as to which one will be best for you, Swimming is ideal if you struggle with joint pain, but walking is a good idea if you want to work your way up to cycling and jogging.

The best clothes to wear for most sports are stretchy, comfortable garments. Many people like to wear black leggings as these will go with any t-shirt or sweatshirt. Black sports leggings are a little different than standard leggings, as they have more lycra and offer more support.

The best way to go is to start with small amounts of exercise and work up. Do a 10-15 minute walk and over a few weeks work up to an hour. This will not be such a shock for the body as intense exercise would be.

The Most Popular Sports on the Globe

Across the world, sports have played a significant role in people’s lives. Mostly it’s in the early childhood and the developing years of a person. Many people engage in sports as a hobby for fitness, and some have made a career out of different games. There are very many kinds of sports played around the world. A few have attracted millions of participants, fans, and enthusiasts who can’t live without them. Listed below are the most popular sports on the globe.


The sport is widely popular in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. It has an estimated fan base of over four billion people. It is arguably the most iconic and easily accessible game of all time. The game is most streamed online and on live television. The World Cup attracts over 700 million viewers globally, which makes it the most followed sport. Each team has ten players on each side and a goalkeeper.


The game has over 2.2 billion fans from around the world. It is most common in the United States, Canada, China, and the Philippines. Most people play the sport for recreational purposes while the rest have made a career out of out, and they play it professionally. Its popularity has seen it getting ranked among the five top most played sports across the world.


Cricket is the third most popular game on our list. This game has an estimated fan base of 2.5 billion people, mainly from Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom. The sport closely relates to baseball, and it involves sports equipment such as a bat a scoring run with two teams on an enormous field. The body governing it is the International Cricket Council (ICC) with oversight of over 125 countries worldwide.


The game is a viewing pastime for over 450 million people across the world. However, golf is also among the most popular sports worldwide. Research reveals that over 60 million people around the world take part in the sport. The sport does not require a lot of physical involvement, making it an ideal sport for personalities of all ages, from children to older people.


Volleyball is a simple but very popular game that has attracted over 900 million fans from various continents like America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Federation international de volleyball is an international body that governs the game across the world.


This game is most prevalent in America, Asia, and Europe. It has a fan base of over one billion people from all over the world. Men and women of all ages play tennis as a recreational sport, school sport, and even professionally. A popular variant of the sport is the doubles version played by two people in each team.

The Highest Recorded Sports Event Attendances

Over the years, there have been large numbers of spectators attending sporting events. It is easy to record the number of attendees in a particular sports event if the stadium is well contained. Such stadiums allow the monitoring of the number of attendees allowed in a particular sports event. For instance, during the pandemic season, the number of spectators attending sports events was regulated. The records are then stored for future references. Below are some of the highest sports event attendances.

Wresting in Korea

On April 29th, 1995, May Day stadium hosted 19,000 attendees who flocked to witness the sports event. The two-day event saw over 350,000 attend to watch the clash between Ric Flair and Antonio Inoki. The renowned World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Wrestling came together and organized the massive event.

The Big Chill, College Hockey

Surprisingly, this particular college hockey is one of the most attended hockey games. The Stadium of the University of Michigan, commonly dubbed as “The Big House” has seen over 104000 fans attend. The two bitter rivals, Michigan State and the University of Michigan staged a remarkable performance that attracted a large crowd of people.

Maracanã Stadium, Brazil

Brazilians are great lovers of football games. The stadium hosted the World cup finals between Uruguay and Brazil on 16th June 1950 which saw a record of 199854 attendees. The event has one of the highest recorded numbers of attendees in a sports event. Uruguay smashed Brazil two goals to one to walk away with the championship title and the trophy. This attendance has stood as a record even as the geme grows in popularity all around the world.

Kentucky Derby

The stiff-battled horse race set its bars too high when it came to attendance. The event took place in May 2012 at Churchill Downs. The remarkable horse race was attended by 165000 people. No horse race attracted so many attendees before.

Carlton versus Collingwood, Australia

Australia is best recognized in the sport of rugby. The bitter rivalry between these two teams stands out far from all others. On the 26th of September 1960 at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium, the two wolverines staged a historic performance that attracted a crowd of 121696 attendees. Carlton triumphed over Collingwood.

The Rising Popularity of E-Sports

At the moment, many sports activities have come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus. The pandemic has seen sports fanatics explore other sporting options. As a way to keep up with the implications posed by the virus, sports lovers have embarked on this arena that has risen to fill the gap. The popularity of E-Sports has risen dramatically since there is no need for physical meetings.

E-Sports Participants

Whether you prefer actively participating in E-Sports games or you enjoy watching them, you directly contribute to the growth of this particular genre. Among other several participants, professional athletes are utilizing their downtime playing E-Sports games. For instance, two professional basketball players in the United States have had an online NBA challenge to reach a larger fan base. To show how popular the activity was, it was televised on major broadcasting stations.

Reasons For the Rise of E-Sports

Very many people like playing video games. E-Sports provide a wide range of sporting activities which means, the preferences of everybody are covered. For example, many people around the globe enjoy watching football matches. They do not have to play. In the same way, many e-sports fanatics enjoy watching people play. In addition, the many investment opportunities that come along with e-sports contribute immensely to the popularity of e-Sports. Many are eyeing to be associated with e-sports due to the good returns. Moreover, e -sports is becoming mainstream now than ever. Many e-sports games are now televised on popular television stations and live on other social media platforms. Major brands are now seeking to sponsor e-sports teams and competitions, making them even more attractive to players.

New Disciplines set to be Introduced at the 2021 Olympics

In every Olympic Games, the organisers introduce new sports to either winter or summer games. This year, during the summer Olympic Games, there are new and exciting games set to be introduced to the summer games. Listed below are three new disciplines that will debut in the Olympics games.


The first-ever surfing Olympic games will debut on Tsurigasaki Beach on the Pacific coast of Japan. The sports will include the world’s best surfers in both men and women categories.


The Olympics will include park and street skateboarding categories. Street category routes will comprise a straight route that will imitate the normal roads with benches, handrails, stairs, and boxes. For the park, the route will have a surface that will have slopes and curves.


Karate has been a popular game and worldwide, but this will be the first time it will appear in the Olympic Games. It will debut with both men and women categories. They will compete in forms- Kata and sparring (Kumite) events. The sport will have three weight categories. For men, there will be 67 kgs, -75 kgs, +75 kgs categories and -55 kg, -61 kg, +61 kg for women categories.

All about the 2021 Olympics

The much-awaited 2020 edition of the Olympics will be held from the 23rd July to August 8th 2021. This has been a unique occurrence of the event since it has never been cancelled or postponed. The global Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for the rescheduling of the 2020 edition.

Things to Expect

About 205 nations are expected to field approximately 11,091 athletes to take part in 339 events in 33 sports. Emperor Naruhito, who is Japan’s Head of State will open the international sports event. It will be in Tokyo at the Japan National Stadium. This will be the second time for Japan to host the Olympics, the first being in 1964. Other cities that had placed their candidature to host the sporting event were Istanbul, Madrid, Baku, Doha and Rome.

New Sports to be Introduced

In this year’s edition, new competitions you should look for include Freestyle BMX, Madison Cycling and 3*3 Basketball. The organizing committee has added new sports to the multi-sport event. Sports that will be making a debut in the Olympics include Karate, Sport Climbing, Skateboarding and Surfing. Softball and Baseball will make a return this year since 2008.