Getting fit for summer

Anyone who wants to try to get fit for summer has a variety of sports activities to choose from. Jogging, cycling, walking and swimming are always popular choices. It depends upon the level of fitness you have at the start as to which one will be best for you, Swimming is ideal if you struggle with joint pain, but walking is a good idea if you want to work your way up to cycling and jogging.

The best clothes to wear for most sports are stretchy, comfortable garments. Many people like to wear black leggings as these will go with any t-shirt or sweatshirt. Black sports leggings are a little different than standard leggings, as they have more lycra and offer more support.

The best way to go is to start with small amounts of exercise and work up. Do a 10-15 minute walk and over a few weeks work up to an hour. This will not be such a shock for the body as intense exercise would be.