The Highest Recorded Sports Event Attendances

Over the years, there have been large numbers of spectators attending sporting events. It is easy to record the number of attendees in a particular sports event if the stadium is well contained. Such stadiums allow the monitoring of the number of attendees allowed in a particular sports event. For instance, during the pandemic season, the number of spectators attending sports events was regulated. The records are then stored for future references. Below are some of the highest sports event attendances.

Wresting in Korea

On April 29th, 1995, May Day stadium hosted 19,000 attendees who flocked to witness the sports event. The two-day event saw over 350,000 attend to watch the clash between Ric Flair and Antonio Inoki. The renowned World Championship Wrestling and New Japan Wrestling came together and organized the massive event.

The Big Chill, College Hockey

Surprisingly, this particular college hockey is one of the most attended hockey games. The Stadium of the University of Michigan, commonly dubbed as “The Big House” has seen over 104000 fans attend. The two bitter rivals, Michigan State and the University of Michigan staged a remarkable performance that attracted a large crowd of people.

Maracanã Stadium, Brazil

Brazilians are great lovers of football games. The stadium hosted the World cup finals between Uruguay and Brazil on 16th June 1950 which saw a record of 199854 attendees. The event has one of the highest recorded numbers of attendees in a sports event. Uruguay smashed Brazil two goals to one to walk away with the championship title and the trophy. This attendance has stood as a record even as the geme grows in popularity all around the world.

Kentucky Derby

The stiff-battled horse race set its bars too high when it came to attendance. The event took place in May 2012 at Churchill Downs. The remarkable horse race was attended by 165000 people. No horse race attracted so many attendees before.

Carlton versus Collingwood, Australia

Australia is best recognized in the sport of rugby. The bitter rivalry between these two teams stands out far from all others. On the 26th of September 1960 at the Melbourne Cricket Stadium, the two wolverines staged a historic performance that attracted a crowd of 121696 attendees. Carlton triumphed over Collingwood.